Why TV Enclosures Are Better Than Outdoor TVs

Why TV Enclosures Are Better Than Outdoor TVs - DeerTV

Bringing indoor entertainment outdoors is one of the best moves you can make, especially during summer. However, maintaining your comfort while still getting the most out of your entertainment system is essential. Several people are changing to waterproof TVs to allow them to enjoy their outdoor viewing.

However, if you are starting, the information surrounding this sector can be overwhelming. But in the end, you will only have two options, buy a waterproof outdoor TV or get a TV enclosure. A TV enclosure allows you to use a regular TV outdoors with extra protection to keep outdoor weather elements at bay. So, why are these TV enclosures better?

Why Outdoor TV Needs Protection

If you plan to install a TV outdoors or already have one, you can expect it to last long without protection. There are several TV protection options you can use for your outdoor Tv, and TV enclosures are one of them. However, whether it’s a waterproof TV designed for outdoor use or a regular TV, it's still subject to pollution, dust, or pollen. Therefore, taking the necessary protection steps will ensure your TV lasts long and save you the hassle of buying an expensive replacement.

What Makes TV Enclosures Better?

Investing in a TV enclosure is better than buying a waterproof TV because of the following:

It Has A Clear Window

Outdoor TV enclosures have a clear window allowing viewing without taking the enclosure off. This is a special feature that TV covers or outdoor TV cabinets don't have. In addition, the steel body ensures maximum protection from theft and environmental threats like snow, rain, or dust. Ultimately, you can use outdoor TV enclosures for residential and commercial purposes. Additionally, with the clear window, you don't have to keep taking the enclosure off when you need to use the TV. Once you lock it in place, you are good to go.

A Study Outer Shell

It has a storm shell feature with sturdy aluminum and steel, making it more durable than plastic TV cases. This case makes it strong and steady to withstand harsh weather like a stormy day. Moreover, the aluminum material makes it rustproof and thus will keep your TV safe for longer. This is better than getting a waterproof TV which might be effective but not damage-proof.

Water Resistant

TV enclosures offer your ordinary TV waterproof protection. Moreover, some of these gadgets come with a thermostat-based cooling system to allow for ventilation and keep the TV cool during hot temperatures and warm during the cold. It also helps protect the TV from harmful condensation that could otherwise compromise its functioning. However, if your TV is under a patio roof, it won't offer many services in terms of waterproofing.

While outdoor TVs or waterproof TV are ideal for outdoor entertainment, they are expensive and still susceptible to other weather elements. On the other hand, a TV enclosure offers storm shell protection to your ordinary TV, keeping it safe from all weather conditions. Apart from the weather protection, a TV enclosure also keeps your TV safe from theft, scratches, or risks of falling off or tilting.