FAQs for outdoor TV / Projector enclosure!


1.Why the fan cooling system does not work?

First, please check the 12V DC power-in is working or not? Second, please check the environment temperature, it is the thermostatically cooling system, if the temperature is less than 28C, the fans will stop work.

2.Why need an outdoor TV / Projector Enclosure?

Just like other things that you simply place outside TV/projector is weather protected and specifically designed for outdoor usage. Would you put your sofa in the family room in outside? You’d most likely buy an outdoor Grill, and a patio set both created for outdoor use. An indoor TV/projector isn’t ideal for use outdoors for a lot of reasons.

outdoor TV cabient

3.What is an IP rating for waterproof Dust proof?

The IP rating indicates the external conditions TV/project enclosure can withstand and describes the level of protection during use when subjected to moisture and dust entering it. For example, IP55, The first number lists the opportunity to protect against dust. A “5” rating means readily stored away properly protected against dust. The second number lists the level of protection against moisture. A “5” rating suggests that the display is protected from jets of water from all directions but still operates.

4.How long is the warranty period for outdoor TV / Projector Enclosure?

The housing with 3years warranty, the circuit components come with a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty on the date of original obtain a certified retailer or installer. See warranty policy for details.

5.Do i need a heater system inside the Enclosure?

The heater function for optional, 95% customer will not choose it because most of latest LED TV can work under 0F, the heater may be a good idea if you are planning to use your television often in temperatures well below 20F. And don’t forget, those heaters have to remain connected 24hrs a day – that’s a lot of electricity to waste to watch TV in cold temperatures.

6.Does it the TV / Projector Enclosure need the assembling?

Most of the components are assembled before the shipment, few component is necessary for easy installation of your TV in our enclosure. It is also easy to do that follow with the installation Guide.

7.Does the outdoor TV enclosure support the high brightness display in daylight?

First, you can choose the optional Anti-Reflective function to reduce glare and improve viewing quality.

However, any TV viewed outdoors during the day in direct sunlight will not be as vivid as watching television indoors, installation the enclosure in a shaded area should be better, also recommend you choose the high brightness TV/Display, min brightness 500nits.

8.What are return or repair procedures?

DeerTV Enclosures possess a 7-day money-back guarantee from the purchase date, returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and the shipment costs, To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it, must also be in the original packaging.

9.Do i need the external waterproof audio speaker?

No, the enclosure has the audio out hole, how ever, if your TV audio out is small or you need the good audio out, it is simple to connect TV and pass the audio cable with the enclosure?

10.Where to buy the DeerTV Enclosure?

You can find the DeerTV enclosures can be found through various online email or local dealers in USA. If you prefer to purchase a unit locally and have difficulty getting a local AV dealer to set up your enclosure, please contact us.

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