The DEERTV Outdoor Enclosures Warranty

DeerTV supplies a warranty to the original purchaser from the product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of exactly one year from the original date of purchase, subject to the following terms and conditions herein. If DeerTV determines an item to be defective inside the warranty period, the DeerTV will either repair or replace the unit at its sole option and discretion.
Warranty covers outdoor tv enclosure and outdoor projector enclosure and any included accessories in the original product package.


To obtain repairs or replacement under the terms of this warranty, please contact. To obtain warranty service you have to first contact DeerTV Technical Support to get a return authorization using one of these methods:
Do NOT return a unit towards the DeerTV without first confirming the warranty status and getting a return authorization number from DeerTV Technical Support.
Units sent improperly is going to be refused delivery.
Proof of purchase by means of a sales receipt, invoice, or copy thereof specifying the original date of purchase must be presented within the warranty period to get covered warranty service.


ONE Year Limited Warranty only on product failure or quality of workmanship and on all other parts against any manufactures defects.


There will be no charge for parts or labor during the warranty period towards the original purchaser. Replacement parts and units might be new, rebuilt, or refurbished in the DeerTV’s option. Replacement and repaired parts and units are warranted for that other original warranty period within 12 months. All replaced parts and products become the sole property of the DeerTV. After the warranty period expires, all product repairs are the sole responsibility of you, the consumers.


The DeerTV Limited Warranty does NOT include:
Product which has been subject to cosmetic damage, normal deterioration, misuse, abuse, negligence, signal issues, harmful electrical currents, link with improper voltages, any kind of customer misuse or operation that is not intended, improper installation or setup, customer modifications, repairs or adjustments by unauthorized service facilities, unauthorized repair or service,damage from shipping(the third party shipping service is responsible for any shipment damages).


The DeerTV isn’t responsible for transportation costs towards the service center; nevertheless the DeerTV will pay for and supply return shipping to the customer. Utilization of alternate packaging isn’t recommended, but if necessary, the purchaser must ensure product protection or more than the original packaging protection is provided. The DeerTV isn’t accountable for product damage because of inadequate packaging materials.Pre-authorization is needed before sending any unit to DeerTV. Our recommendation is that you acquire insurance and tracking of product shipment.


DeerTV reserves the right to remedy any minor defects in defective units by replacing defective,missing parts rather than offering a refund.

DeerTV, or any other subsidiaries, shall not be responsible, under any circumstances, for incidental, indirect, special, and consequential damages as a result of the sale or use of this DeerTV product.