The best Way to Protect Your TV From Fireplace Heat

The best Way to Protect Your TV From Fireplace Heat - DeerTV

Electronics and heat don't go well; therefore, protecting your TV and other electronics from heat sources like a fireplace is essential. Hanging a flat-screen TV above the fireplace has become the newest trend for home remodeling. This creates a single or uniform focal point in the room while also saving space. Watching your favorite show while enjoying the crackling fire is one of the most satisfying feelings. But what do you do to ensure the excess heat from the fireplace doesn't damage your TV? Here are some steps to take to enjoy your entertainment without risking your TV.

Mount The TV At A Safe Distance

When installing your TV above the fireplace, it's best to always keep it at a safe distance. The best distance is always at least 3 feet above the fireplace's opening. However, you can take a different approach and mount the TV on another wall from the fireside. This will help protect your TV from direct heat.

Install A Mantle Above The Fireplace

A mantle or a projector is the arch you will notice in most fireplaces. It acts as a barrier protecting your TV from excess heat. The mantle should be about 2.5 inches from the wall to block the heat properly. Most modern fireplaces have this feature. However, a professional can install a mantle for you if you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace. A mantle protects the TV from excess heat and adds a stylish look and a way to ornate your living room.

Always Close The Fireplace Doors

Another step to take on how to protect the TV from fireplace heat is always closing the fireplace doors. The fireplace door can be of glass or metal screen. The door helps keep the heat from reaching your TV. In addition, the doors help protect your TV, pets, and children from accidentally reaching the fire. Most fireplaces come designed with doors, but if you don't have one, you can have a professional install them for you.

Use A Gas-Powered Fireplace

Compared to a wood-burning or electric fireplace, a gas-powered fireplace comes with consistency, reliability, and improved safety standards. You can quickly put the fire off once done and control the heat intensity with a dial. While this option is expensive, it offers the most effortless option and means to help protect your TV from excess heat.

Consult A Professional Fireplace Contractor

You can try all the above options, but if none work best for you, it's not too late to get professional help. An experienced contractor knows and understands fireplaces and how they emit heat. Therefore, getting help from one will help you know the safe distance to mount the TV and other factors to consider. For instance, the direction of the airflow in the room, the wall's materials, and the room's humidity.

Before mounting, it is crucial to understand how to protect the TV from fireplace heat. However, it's also important to realize that there are different designs of fireplaces and fuel sources that give different amounts of heat. As a result, it's best to consult with a professional or fireplace guide to get an optimal clearance. Remember, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer regarding TV mounting above the fireplace.