The best tripod stand for outdoor projector

The best tripod stand for outdoor projector - DeerTV

For the mount, you can choose standard projector mount system. The deertv outdoor projector enclosure supports the standard VESA hole. For the tripod. 1. Please check which tripod can meet your requirements, please kindly order it at your local, such as ebay shop. Recommend you choose the outdoor painting type, no rusts. Please be sure to check the weight load capacity. (Meet the projector case weight + your projector weight requirements)

Outdoor Projector Stand for Projector Enclosures

The outdoor projector stand improves the usability of projector enclosures outdoors. They lift enclosures above the ground, keeping them in safe working conditions and full performance capacity.

Sudden rainfall, temperature changes, and swimming pool water splashes may not affect the system. With the featured locking mechanism, the projectors can stay within the case while allowing adjustability from the stand. The lightweight construction of the stand also makes it easier to handle, store and transport the system.

Setting up the Outdoor Projector Stand

Before setting up the projector stand outdoors, the first step is measuring the projector to compare the sizes. The maximum dimensions of the stand determine the biggest projector size the enclosure can hold. After confirming that the projector can fit into the outdoor projector stand, the next process is mounting it.

When mounting, it is crucial to ensure the stands are VESA approved and can fit the projector. DeerTV enclosures can fit 200 x 200 mm and 150 mm x 150 mm VESA mountings.

Since the enclosure package does not include the stand, it can be sourced in nearby stores. The enclosure is compatible with any mounting system with 200 x 200 mm/150 x 150 mm top and bottom fixtures.

What to Look for In a Projector Stand
  • Adjustability

An outdoor projector stand must be flexible for the user to manipulate the height and angles according to the application. However, even fixed tripods and mounting systems will work great, provided the height and angles match the watching surface.

  • Material Weight

A lightweight projector stand outdoors makes all the difference because it increases efficiency when changing projector locations. Although lightweight, the material should also be strong enough to survive heavy winds and hold the overhead enclosure weight.

  • Quality Finishing

Triple powder coating on aluminum and steel ensures the projector stand is safe against water, rain, and moisture. In addition, this ensures the enclosure maintains its reliability when used in different climatic conditions.

Advantages of Outdoor Projector Stands
  • Off-Ground Lifting

The projector needs a platform to maintain a desirable viewing height when projecting on raised or higher walls or screens. It cuts out the need for investing in costly mounting devices that are less effective.

  • Flexibility

The projector stand outdoor enclosure is very flexible and can hold various projectors. The DeerTV projector cases are also usable with all types of stands, which is great for various applications. Moreover, the projector will stay safe despite the most ravaging rainfall and winds.

DeerTV outdoor project closures offer reliable security for projectors because of the material quality and finishing. In addition, the robust case designs and long-lasting solutions make the brand a leading manufacturer globally.