How to use a regular TV for outdoors.

How to use a regular TV for outdoors. - DeerTV

Can a regular TV be used outdoors?

No, you have to use a outdoor TV enclosure to protect it. The DeerTV outdoor cover ticks all boxes when rating the durability and protection levels. The outdoor TV enclosure is a premium quality solution that trumps all other plastic enclosures in the market. This TV cover is built from heavy-duty aluminum steel and maintains its lightweight structure while maximizing weatherproof and burglarproof features. With up to five times durability than common materials, it can protect your TV and display screens for years. In addition, DeerTV uses a triple-powder coating to maintain the appearance and strength of the material despite exposure to harsh environmental elements.

What is the best way to protect a TV outside waterproof?

DeerTV’s outdoor TV enclosure offers total protection for screens and displays This protective TV cover is compatible with LED, Plasma, LCD, and flat signage displays. This enclosure is dust, and tamperproof with an ultra-thick clear glass on the front for clear views of the TV even when closed.

The poly-carbonate anti-reflective glass increases the anti-glare properties for undisrupted viewing throughout the day. DeerTV's anti-glare outdoor TV cover incorporates weatherproof technology for unprecedented durability, security, and affordability. In addition, the high-quality seals make the enclosure moisture-proof and safe for children and high-traffic environments.

Features of the Anti-Glare Outdoor TV Cover

  • Compatible with flat-screen displays and TV screens
  • Robust and durable structural design
  • Lightweight aluminum and steel construction
  • High-quality material selection for crack resistance and shatterproof glass features
  • Internal temperature control using thermostat control for TV protection
  • Double security locks working independently
  • Anti-UV paint for preventing sunlight damage

Great Protection Solutions

DeerTV offers cost-effective anti-glare outdoor TV covers for all outdoor environments. The solutions for residential and commercial environments can protect against splashes from swimming pools and moisture. Even in open environments, the robust construction maintains the case's integrity against theft, vandalism, and burglary.

Only authorized personnel can access the TV inside the case with an independent double lock system. DeerTV uses the "Quick Install System" with a simple installation guide to assemble the anti-glare outdoor TV enclosure in less than one hour.

Anti-Glare Outdoor TV Customization

All anti-glare outdoor TVs are different, and different applications require custom solutions. DeerTV works with you to consider your requirements and create a solution for the environment, climatic conditions, and suitable protection requirements. The full motion and fully articulating mount with depth and height adjustments protect all types of TVs. This allows adjustment for various viewing angles and heights.

Application of the Outdoor TV Enclosure

DeerTV anti-glare outdoor TV enclosures are built for various applications and can offer dust, moisture, grime, and water damage. Common applications include;

  • Residential for home backyards, decks, patios, swimming pools, and outdoor entertainment units
  • Commercial for stadiums, restaurants, airports, ships, hospitals, and trade shows
  • Industrial setups like warehouses, offices, and manufacturing plants

55 Inch Outdoor TV Cover

Protecting your 55-inch TV on your patio delivers prolonged service without worrying about weather damage. Instead of investing heavily in weatherproof appliances, an outdoor TV enclosure of would work better for long-lasting protection. The best outdoor TV covers have exquisite features that offer all-around protection while allowing maximum visibility. In addition, the 55-inch outdoor TV cover further enhances the viewing experience during the day and night. DeerTV outdoor TV case is built precisely for all outdoor applications in all environments.

High-Quality Outdoor TV Case

DeerTV’s best outdoor cover is burglar-proof and durable, compatible with screen devices. It is usable for LCD, LED, and plasma TVs, with thoughtful engineering for a wider market than the residential consumer.

The outdoor TV enclosure 55 inch also offers protection for indoor digital signage, allowing clear views without removing the front panel. In addition, DeerTV offers alternative premium quality TV covers, up to 60% cheaper than most available options.

TV Enclosure Features

  • Attractive and impressive designs
  • Lightweight construction
  • Poly-carbonate glass for clear viewing without reflection
  • UV-resistant front glass panel
  • ExactSeal technology for protection against dust, moisture, and water damage
  • Intuitive temperature control for optimum internal temperature
  • Height and depth adjustment for full motion and articulation mount
  • Anti-UV paint for preventing sunlight damage
  • Specialized screening system to prevent bugs intrusion

Intuitive Design and Construction

DeerTV outdoor TV cover is different from the common ABS plastic enclosures. This modern cover for 50 and 55-inch screen displays feature a strong triple powder-coated lightweight aluminum and steel for unlevelled security. Therefore, expect the weatherproof outdoor TV cover to last three to five times longer than the typical plastic TV covers.

In addition, the screen protection design creates an anti-glare outdoor TV enclosure for unparalleled video clarity even under the brightest sun. This makes the Deer TV 55-inch outdoor cover desirable for day and night entertainment.

All Weather TV and Display Protection

Changing weather conditions can be damaging to TVs installed outdoors. Even when using the high-cost outdoor TVs, they do not offer protection against theft, impact, or vandalism. The DeerTV's waterproof outdoor TV cover keeps the appliances operating even under heavy rainfall and harsh winds.

Such a weatherproof outdoor TV cover is great for commercial applications like airports, stadiums, and ships where weather conditions can be quite damaging. The simple and solid design makes the TV cover easy to install and maintain compared to other marketed options.

Can you build an outdoor TV enclosure?

DeerTV’s approach to constructing DIY outdoor TV enclosure follows a customer-friendly approach that allows customization. You can send your requirements to the support team to give a tailored solution compatible with your residential or commercial environment. Some customization features consider climate, TV display size, and protection level.

High-Tech Outdoor TV Cover

DeerTV builds outdoor TV covers for 32"~75" TVs using the latest material technology for sturdy and robust solutions. These covers undergo thorough quality testing repeatedly for continued improvement of products. As a result, the process makes products more advanced, durable, and with great screen protection features. In addition, the triple powder-coated lightweight aluminum and steel offers great performance than ABS plastic enclosures. These materials also contribute to a lightweight solution with state-of-the-art features.

Uniquely and Intelligently Crafted Protection Solutions

To ensure the durability of the exterior material, DeerTV uses high-grade aluminum and steel material that is damage-proof and rustproof. This outdoor TV cover thats es offers better outdoor protection capabilities than most plastic covers.

You can expect this unit to last for 6 to 10 years, even when exposed to rainy weather. In addition, the ExactSeal technology provides a case resistant to water, dust, moisture, and heat damage. The thermostat temperature control maintains desirable temperatures inside the cover to prevent the TV from overheating.