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outdoor projector enclosure
Medium DIY Cheap weatherproof projector enclosure specs.
Maximum inside dimension for projector
  •     Width 18.3, Depth 21.9, Height 6.9 inch Or ( Width 46.5, Depth 55.5, Height 17.5 cm )
Enclosure outside dimension
  •     Width 20.1, Depth 23.5, Height 8.7 inch Or ( Width 51, Depth 59.5, Height 22 cm )
Weight: 23.1lbs | 10.5kg
Voltage: 100~240V
Working Temperature: -40~149F( -40 ~65C )
With the thermostatically cooling system,for more details, please check the overview.

    **Please measure the outside dimensions of your projector first, if you have not order the projector, please make sure compare to the max inside dimensions .
    **The goods does not include the tripod / mount system, please order from your local market. It support the standard VESA 150 x 150mm (Top & Bottom).


    outdoor projector enclosure


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    Video & Overview:

    The Weatherproof projector enclosure which support the 95% popular projector size. Available used for outdoor and indoor, the outdoor projector cabinets are specially built to filter and cool ambient air, expel internal heat, which ensure your projector working for long time within a safe and optimal environment. Read home Theater article for any comprehensive have a look at airborne contaminates of your house and what this will likely caused by your projection system. There are a few tips we could present you with from the very beginning that may help you with one of these as well as other common problems as you are expecting your projector enclosure to reach.

    Outdoor projector box is wide applications, used for inside, outside, rain, or shine. For many years, projectors have commonly been used indoors, but as waterproof technology advances the same is true the usage of projectors, screen materials, and several other associated accessories. However, projectors are complex pieces of equipment, and simply placing them indoors does not take away the concern for their life and well being. A few substantial volume of contaminates at your residence, office, and indoor facilities that can negatively impact or even shorten the life expectancy of the projector.

    Thermostatically fans cooling system
    Strong steel construction, theft resistant
    Anti-UV protection and outdoor Powder Paint Coating
    Sure Seal Cable Grommet System
    Filtered Ventilation System
    Key Lock System for easy projector access
    Light weight, nice appearance, vandal resistant design
    Waterproof sealed design, protect a projector from damaging elements such as smoke, rain, snow, dust, and humidity.

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    Please make sure compare the enclosure dimention with your TV/Projector before your order it.

    Product Name Max TV / Projector Dimension (must be less below size)
    43" TV Enclosure 39.2" x 23.4" x 3.3" Or (99.5 x 59.5 x 8.4 cm)
    55" TV Enclosure 49.2" x 29.9" x 3.3" Or (125 x 76 x 8.4 cm)
    65" TV Enclosure 59" x 35.4" x 3.3" Or (150 x 90 x 8.4 cm)
    75" TV Enclosure 67.7" x 39.2" x 3.3" Or (172 x 99.5 x 8.4 cm)
    Small Projector Box Width 17.1", Depth 15.7", Height 6.1" Or (43.5x40x15.5 cm)
    Medium Projector Box Width 18.3", Depth 21.9", Height 6.9" Or (46.5x55.5x17.5 cm)
    Large Projector Box Width 23.6", Depth 24.4", Height 8.66" Or (60x62x22 cm)