DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Weatherproof Protection - DeerTV
DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Weatherproof Protection - DeerTV
DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Weatherproof Protection - DeerTV
DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Weatherproof Protection - DeerTV
DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Weatherproof Protection - DeerTV
DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Weatherproof Protection - DeerTV

DeerTV.Pro 60"~65" Metal Outdoor TV Enclosure Cabinet Waterproof TV Cover

SKU: deertv65-nn
$1,800.00 $778.00
  • Free shipping to most countries
  • 3 years warranty
  • Aluminum shell (Non-Plastic)
  • Super long lifespan of 10 years
  • IP55 waterproof and dustproof
  • Light weight and nice-looking design

Cooling Fan: no fan

no fan
with fan

Windows: no acrylic (self-provided)

no acrylic (self-provided)

Protects 60"-65" TVs, with DeerTV's protective outdoor tv enclosure 65 inch, you can install any standard-sized TV outdoors and enjoy watching movies in the comfort and beauty of nature.

We are a manufacturing company dealing directly with customers. We focus on developing premium quality outdoor TV enclosures that are affordable to everyone. You will find that our enclosures are 60% cheaper compared to most of the competitors.

Unlike others who use ABS plastic for manufacturing TV enclosures, DeerTV uses triple powder-coated lightweight aluminum and steel to ensure the best-in-class security of your device. The expected lifespan is 3 to 5 times longer than the plastic TV case. Our worldwide and extensive customer base is raving about the excellent quality and features of the protective  outdoor tv enclosure 65 inch.

65" Pro. outdoor TV enclosure Specs

  • Max. TV Dimensions: 58.26x33.86x3.34 inches (148x86x8.5 cm)
  • Outdoor TV Enclosure 65 inch Dimensions:  59.1x34.84x4.3 inches (150x88.5x11 cm)
  • Viewing Window Dimensions: 57.48x33.26 inches (124x72 cm)
  • Power Supply: 100-240 V
  • Mounting: 600x400 mm (VESA) with M8 screws
  • Enclosure Weight: 58 lbs (26.30 kg)
Note 1: Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV first, if you have not ordered the TV, please make sure compare to the Max TV dimensions.
Note 2: For 65"  inch Outdoor TV enclosure, we do not offer the front glass, you need to order from your local. Glass Dimension: 58.14x34.25 inches (147.7x87 cm), Thickness: 2-4 mm.
Note 3: DeerTV Aluminum case is expected to last 3 to 5 times longer than other brand plastic case. (Plastic 2-3 years; Aluminum 6 to 10 years).
    65" outdoor tv enclosure

    DeerTV enclosures are highly customizable. Get in touch with our support team and tell us about your requirement now. We customize enclosures based on your area's climate, level of protection and size of your TV or display, etc.

    Moreover, we offer free shipping to the US, UK, and most European countries.


    • Compatible with 60-65 inch flat-screen TV
    • Useful in case of TV, display, and digital signage
    • Robust and durable design
    • Attractive and nice-looking design, Lightweight
    • Anti-reflective and clear front glass made up of poly-carbonate
    • (To manufacture shatterproof, crack resistant and thick front glasses, DeerTV uses a special blend of materials in addition to poly-carbonate)
    • Glare-free movie watching experience, optional anti-reflective screen.
    • UV protected front glass panel
    • The entire cabinet is protected from moisture, dust, and water damage using ExactSeal Technology
    • Thermostat based internal temperature control protects the TV and maintains inner temperature within 20-50°C (optional)
    • Installation is a breeze with the "Quick Install System." Our comprehensive installation guide will help you assemble the anti glare outdoor tv enclosure within an hour
    • Universal mounting technology that works with any standard VESA mount
    • Adjustable mount with height and depth adjustment
    • Dual independent security locks (optional)
    • Customizable according to local climatic conditions, level of protection, and TV size
    • Anti-UV paint avoid damage from direct sunlight
    • Constant temperature heating system to avoid damage from the cold environment (optional)
    • Completely weatherproof
    • Protection from rain, snow, dust, moisture, winds, pests, hot and cold temperature
    • Protection from theft, vandalism, and tamper
    • IP55 and IP65(optional) were tested and verified
    • A special screening system avoids the intrusion of bugs
    • Cable opening equips self-sealing rubber grommets to protect your TV from moisture, dirt, and other debris


    • Residential – Outdoor entertainment, Backyard, Courtyard, Decks, Patios, Swimming pool
    • Commercial – Airports, Stadiums, Restaurants, Hospitals, Correctional institutions, Trade shows, Ships
    • Industrial – Warehouses, Manufacturing plants, Offices
    Name Download
    Installation Manual for TV Enclosure.Pro (With Windows) Download
    Installation Manual for TV Enclosure.Lite (No Windows) Download
    43" TV Enclosure.Pro Download
    43" TV Enclosure.Lite (No Windows) Download
    55" TV Enclosure.Pro Download
    55" TV Enclosure.Lite (No Windows) Download
    65" TV Enclosure.Pro Download
    75" TV Enclosure.Pro Download

    Do you offer more discounts?

    Sorry, for individual customers, in addition to the usual discounts on the website, we do not provide more discounts, because we already sell cheaper. If you need more units, please kindly contact us first to apply for a special discount. In addition, making profits is not our only purpose. If you use it for welfare societies, organizations for the disabled, or any poverty alleviation, non-profit organizations, please contact us first, we can even provide you with all the products for free. We have not forgotten those who helped us when we were weakest. We are not great, we just give back to those in need, this is our responsibility and mission.

    May I know the TV mount supports full motion so it will allow the TV to be extended out and angled up, down, left and right?

    For Lite.series enclosure, It includes the fixed TV mount inside, it does not support full motion directly, but you still can purchase other the full motion bracket install to enclosure backside. Because of our testing, this kind of rotating bracket is easily deformed and aged, and cannot be used for a long time.  Because our enclosure have a service life of up to 10 years. And other plastic cases which support roting bracket only provide a warranty of 3 months to 12 months.

    For the Pro.series enclosure,  you can purchase other the full motion bracket install to enclosure backside that will support full montion.

    Can I use a regular home LCD TV outside?

    You cannot use it separately outside. However, if install it together with our enclosure, it can works well. Our enclosure is designed for outdoor installation. It can protects your TV from water, dust, mositure, bugs etc..

    Will the TV enclosure come with the front glass that the TV can be viewed thru?

    Yes, our Pro enclosure has clearly acrylic and anti-glare acrylic option (for 43" and 55"). You can choose it as your needs.

    Does it come with the TV mount?

    For Lite.series, It comes the TV mount, you also can choose other brand full motion bracket because it supports the standard VESA.

    For the Pro.series enclosure,  it comes the mount for TV inside of enclosure. For the outside of enclosure, you can use original TV mount Or any other the full motion bracket because it also supports the standard VESA.

    Can your case be incorporated into an already existing outdoor mount?

    Most types of standard TV mounts (flat, full motion, svivel, tilt) can be used with our Pro enclosures. Please make sure your mount can hold the total weight of your TV and the enclosure. 

    What is the leadtime for the enclosures?

    It is usually around 4-7 days to the shipping address. We have stocks and can ship to you within 3 days (business days) from the date you order. After your order shipped, we will provid tracking information and notify you by e-mail for your order. 

    How long is the warranty period?

    The housing with 3years warranty, the circuit components come with a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty on the date of original obtain a certified retailer or installer. See warranty policy for details.

    Do I need a heater system inside the Enclosure?

    The heater function for optional, 95% customer will not choose it because most of latest LED TV can work under 0F, the heater may be a good idea if you are planning to use your television often in temperatures well below 20F. And don’t forget, those heaters have to remain connected 24hrs a day – that’s a lot of electricity to waste to watch TV in cold temperatures.

    Does your TV case support anti-theft?

    Only Pro series TV cases that support anti-theft. It will come this parts together, but you can choose whether to install it or not. It has a keyhole, and you can choose different ones according to your needs. Please download the installation manual and get more details from the last page.

    Does the TV Enclosure need the assembling?

    Most of the components are assembled before the shipment, few component is necessary for easy installation of your TV in our enclosure. It is also easy to do that follow with the installation Guide. Please download and get more details from the "Installation Manual" datasheet before your order.

    Does the outdoor TV enclosure support the high brightness display in daylight?

    First, you can choose the optional Anti-Reflective function to reduce glare and improve viewing quality.

    However, any TV viewed outdoors during the day in direct sunlight will not be as vivid as watching television indoors, installation the enclosure in a shaded area should be better, also recommend you choose the high brightness TV/Display, min brightness 500nits.

    Do I need the external waterproof audio speaker?

    No, the enclosure has the audio out hole, how ever, if your TV audio out is small or you need the good audio out, it is simple to connect TV and pass the audio cable with the enclosure?

    Where to buy the DeerTV Enclosure?

    You can find the DeerTV enclosures can be found through various online email or local dealers in USA. If you prefer to purchase a unit locally and have difficulty getting a local AV dealer to set up your enclosure, please contact us. 


    • We will ship your order within 3 business days. Please allow 3-12 days for your shipment to arrive at your address. (Except holidays, but we will notify you by email).
    • Any delivery dates provided by DeerTV are estimate. We will send you an email when your order has shipped and you may review your order and shipping & handling information on your DeerTV account if you have registered. If you registered on our site, you could also track your order here with your tracking number.
    • For more shipping information, you could contact us by leaving a message. We will get back to you in 24 hours.


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    Perfect case to hold my outdoor tv. SUPER easy to install. Keep the cover on when you are not using the TV.

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    Very sturdy and well made. Keeps My TV protected. Awesome investment.

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