How to make your garden more comfortable?

How to make your garden more comfortable? - DeerTV

You can make your backyard or patio a living room continuation with the right decor, furniture, and entertainment ideas. It's an excellent place where you can host guests, enjoy the weather, relax, and enjoy family time. However, if you spend more time outdoors, then it's time to get an outdoor TV to enhance the space. This idea has always been common only in hotels and restaurants. However, it's time to change the norm and upgrade outdoor entertainment using these outdoor TV ideas.

Outdoor TV Above Outdoor Fireplace

For those with an outdoor fireplace, mounting your outdoor TV above the fireplace will help give the space a welcoming focal point. It's a way of drawing people immediately into your garden space. However, while doing so, you need also to consider the sitting arrangement. A U-shape sitting arrangement will work best as the Tv will be within everyone's view.

Put The Outdoor TV Near The Grill Station

With the help of some amazing outdoor TV cabinet ideas, you can install your outdoor TV near the grill station. You can use a wall-hung cabinet. An outdoor kitchen or grill area gives the same enjoyment and fun as holding a party in an indoor kitchen. And a TV set nearby takes the entertainment to the next level. You can keep up with all your favorite shows and games while grilling some steak and enjoying a beer.

Hang The TV Near The Pool

This is a great outdoor TV idea if you have a pool. This allows you to enjoy your shows or games while bathing and chilling out. However, for this installation, you need to work with a professional electrical engineer due to the proximity to the water. Moreover, you can invest in a waterproof remote so you won't have to dry your hand each time to change the channel.

Get A Portable Outdoor Tv

Getting a portable outdoor TV stand is a great idea if you are going for flexibility. With this, you can eliminate the search for outdoor TV cabinet ideas, as you can easily wheel it back into the house once done. With a portable TV stand, you can use the TV from anywhere in the yard. This also allows you to use the outdoor TV as a focal point, as you can easily change the seating arrangement whenever you want. With 55 inches being the ideal size for an outdoor TV, you need to get a steady stand that kids or pets won't knock over.

The openness of outdoor space makes it easy to design, decorate or style for an outdoor entertainment space. It's the ideal place to relax during warm summer afternoons or nights. However, if you plan on adding an outdoor TV to the space, you need to plan to have the ideal protection for it. An outdoor TV enclosure, cabinet, or cover is some of the best ways to achieve this. With these ideas, you will know which protection is ideal for whatever idea.