How to install outdoor projector enclosure?

How to install outdoor projector enclosure? - DeerTV
Installation manual for the outdoor projector enclosures Or waterproof projector box case.
Please according to the installation Assistance, should you have more questions, please email us.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure Installation Steps

Prepare Tools:

Phillips screwdriver and Hexagon screwdriver

If you need to install front windows glass or acrylic

please also prepare scissors and utility knife and silicone sealant (glass glue).

The Weatherproof projector enclosure which support the 95% popular projector size. Available used for outdoor and indoor, the outdoor projector box & case are specially built to filter and cool ambient air, expel internal heat, which ensure your projector working for long time within a safe and optimal environment. Read home Theater article for any comprehensive have a look at airborne contaminates of your house and what this will likely caused by your projection system. There are a few tips we could present you with from the very beginning that may help you with one of these as well as other common problems as you are expecting your projector enclosure to reach.

1. Open the front door, you can find a spare parts bag which includes 1 x waterproof cover, 1 x power supply, 1 x EUR cable, 1 x USA cable, 2 x Keys and some screws.
2. Connect the power supply to cooling system 12V DC-IN.
3. Pass all cables through this hole and use the screws fix the waterproof cover.
4. Mount the projector enclosure By VESA Hole. (You can use the top/bottom VESA)
5. Install the projector, adjust the position, lock the front door.

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DeerTV's outdoor projector is a perfect fit for almost all projectors. It is not limited to outdoor applications because it works for indoor projector systems. The internal temperature control systems manage the internal temperatures for a safe working environment for projectors.

The right installation procedures ensure that an outdoor projector cover is placed in the right position for unparalleled light distribution. For outdoor applications, the high-end finishes and sealing technology makes them weatherproof. They can work well for years, even with increased sunlight, wind, and snow exposure. Some tips can help you find the best outdoor projector cover.

Quick Installation

The outdoor projector cover you choose should be easy to install and compatible with the projector size. The "Quick Install System" provides a comprehensive guide for quick assembly, and the system will be functional within an hour. The hinged enclosure doors also provide fast access to the projector when set up.

Lightweight Construction

Although plastic is a light material, DeerTV has lighter aluminum steel construction which offers stronger protection than plastic. The range of outdoor projector covers can weigh up to 33 pounds. The front glass panel is also entirely acrylic, which assists in weight management.

Customizable Protection

An outdoor projector cover that meets the user's needs is a significant consideration. DeerTV manufactures customizable projector covers per the regional climate, projector features, and level of intended protection. This customization protects against harsh weather, even in areas prone to storms and snowfall.

Rubber Grommets Systems

Outdoor projector covers should have cable openings with self-sealing rubber grommets. Since these devices spend their lifetime outside, they need protection from constant exposure to dirt, debris, and moisture. These rubber grommets also hide the cables inside the enclosure to prevent any impacts on the projector itself.

Standard VESA Mounting

Almost all mountable appliances follow standard VESA mounting procedures. VESA mounting ensures that the projector enclosure seamlessly attaches to the ceiling and can strongly hold the projector inside the cover. In addition, DeerTV builds enclosures with a locking glide system that allows smooth and quick removal and placement of projectors.