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Outdoor Display Enclosure

50" to 55" Outdoor display enclosure, outdoor LCD enclosure, outdoor digital signage enclosure designed for waterproof outside environments.

The price and specs are for the light weight type enclosure, specification is same as the outdoor TV enclosure models.  We also can supply the rugged industrial type enclosure (Big bezel type) but that required the custom make , please contact us.

Maximum inside dimension for Display / Monitor

  • Display size must be less than1260 x 735 x 85 mm (49.60” x 28.93” x 3.34”)
Enclosure Dimension: 128 x 76 x 11 cm (50.4” x 29.9” x 4.3”)
Window Dimension: 124 x 72 cm (48.8” x 28.3”)
Mount Size: VESA 450 x 170 mm, M8 screws
Power: 100~240 V
Weight: 18 kg (39.7 LBS)

**Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV (without stand) first.

Optional Front Windows (Acrylic / Glass)

    No Acrylic type:  To save the shipping fee, we will not supply the front glass, it is very easy to find from your local. Please install it according to the manual. // Noted: Please use the 2~4 mm thickness glass, the dimension as below. 43", 987 x 595 mm | 55", 1257 x 745 mm | 65", 1477 x 870 mm //
    Clearly Acrylic: Rugged the clearly acrylic Or glass
    Anti-Glare Acrylic:  The anti-glare glass can improve the visual effect, if you have a higher budget recommend you choose it.

    *Note:  Please make sure download the installation manual and specification datasheet before order, please ensure it 100% meets your requirements.

    Why choosing us?

    • Small bezel, Beautiful, Light Weight.If the guest sees you with a plastic case with the big bezel. Obviously, you know which one is more high-end and beautiful.
    • Cheap & Free Shipping to most country.
    • Aluminum Metal Enclosure. We only sell the industry metal housing. Compare the cheap plastic housing first.
    • Installation is very easy. Compare the plastic housing, No need to drill holes (you can't change the TV after drilling holes)


    55" outdoor display enclosure


    Deertv supply professional, universal, metal outdoor display enclosure and outdoor LCD Enclosure for 32" ~ 85" with standard resistant anti-glare front shield. Gas shock system interior includes full motion mount, touch the screen. Deertv outdoor display enclosure - digital signage protection. As a new generation of designs, slim profile outdoor display cabinets provide improved temperature management and greater airflow efficiency. By maintaining optimal conditions, the premises will extend the life of your display.It reduces the risk of downtime and maximizes. The premises have a lightweight design, easy to install and fully assembled. Deertv display cabinet premises help create a digital sign without worry. Steel and corrosion-resistant premises protect the screen from outdoor elements, pollution, theft and destruction. Enclosures include built-in tubular key compression compression for further security. Deertv's indoor outdoor display cabinets protected premises are waterproof and sealed with rubber gaskets, so your premises can withstand elements in any climate. All premises are available with heated or fan-cooled options, and thermostat-controlled fans and heat help ensure that the display continues to function in most outdoor situations.



    Waterproof housing with the Exact Seal sealing system is sealed to defend TV against moisture intrusion and water damage.
    Thermostatically / automatic temperature controlled air flow system protects your TV in temperatures from -20~50 degree.
    Protective front door and easily access the TV
    Thin light weight and easy to install, nice appearance.
    Safety security lock system
    Weatherproof housing manufactured with outdoor anti_UV paint protect the TV or display against impact
    Two air flow vents that prevent heat changes and audio out
    Universal design that works with any standard VESA mount
    The TV box is a unique and patent pending design

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