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How to install outdoor TV enclosure?

Installation manual for the outdoor TV enclosures Or weatherproof outdoor TV cabinet case.

Please according to the installation Assistance, should you have more questions, please email us.

Outdoor TV Enclosure Installation Steps

Prepare Tools:

Phillips screwdriver and Hexagon screwdriver

If you need to install front windows glass or acrylic

please also prepare scissors and utility knife and silicone sealant (glass glue).

The Weatherproof TV enclosure which supports the 95% popular TV size. Available for outdoor and indoor, the outdoor TV cabinets are specially built to filter and cool ambient air, expel internal heat, which ensures your TV working for a long time within a safe and optimal environment. Read home Theater article for any comprehensive having a look at airborne contaminates of your house and what this will likely caused by your TV system. There are a few tips we could present you from the very beginning that may help you with one of these as well as other common problems as you are expecting your TV enclosure to reach.

Install front glass / acrylic.
(If you have chosen the optional glass, please ignore this step)
1.    Prepare the glass.  
43” enclosure glass dimension is 994 x 594 x (3~5mm thickness)
55” enclosure glass dimension is 1244 x 744 x (3~5mm thickness)
2.    Remove the 3M Double-sided adhesive protective film and install the glass.
3.    Add silicone sealant to the glass edge area and ensure it is complete waterproof.

Install TV
1.    Install the LOCK pins to front housing and rear housing.
 2.    Install the fan box to real housing backside, please ensure the direction face to bottom (waterproof).
Install the fan box cover and use the screws lock it.
 3.    Pass all cables through the outlet hole and also install the waterproof cover.


For more details, please download the outdoor TV enclosure installation manual


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