Sku: DeerTV43D-NB
Outdoor Display Enclosure

43" Outdoor display enclosure, Outdoor LCD Enclosure, protects 32-43" TV (most 43").

Maximum inside dimension for TV

  • TV size must be less than < 995 x 595 x 85mm (39.2” x 23.4” x 3.34”)
Windows Dimension: 38.1” x 22.4” (97 x 57 cm)
Windows Materials:  No Windows Or Acrylic Or Anti-reflective glass. ( options *Note1)
Enclosure Dimension: 101 x 61 x 11cm (39.76” x 24.01” x 4.3”)
Mount size: VESA 450 x 170 mm, M8 screws
Power: 100~240V
Weight: 12.5kg (27 LBS)

**Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV first, if you have not order the TV, please make sure compare to the max inside dimensions.

Why choosing us?

  • Cheap & Free Shipping. Please compare the competitor price before you order.
  • Metal Enclosure. We only sell the industry metal housing. Compare the cheap plastic housing first.
  • Installation is very simple. Compare the plastic housing, No need to drill holes (you can't change the TV after drilling holes)
  • Beautiful, small bezel. If the guest sees you with a plastic case with the big bezel. Obviously, you know which one is more high-end and beautiful.


43" outdoor tv enclosure


Free Shipping:

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Project the 32~43″ LCD Display, UP to 43″, Max TV/Display thickness is 84 mm.
The DeerTV enclosure is the universal LED TV enclosure that delivers comprehensive water, dust, theft & tamper protection for many commercial and residential TV and Display. These weatherproof TV cabinets preserve and protect the television, and still provide an ultra clear take a look at the TV or LCD display when closed, when opened offer a direct take a look at it or display. Manufactured in China, but you will get the after sales service from the local. The system also features a guaranteed to never crack, thick, shatter resistant front panel. The waterproof TV screen enclosure is secured with the lock system which prevent theft, tampering and vandalism of your respective television. Weather-resistant, lightweight, durable, secure and affordable, it is friendly design, durability, water-resistance and security. Get an outdoor TV enclosure today for your patio by the pool, the porch, your backyard.

Waterproof housing with the Exact Seal sealing system is sealed to defend TV against moisture intrusion and water damage.
Thermostatically / automatic temperature controlled air flow system protects your TV in temperatures from -20~50 degree.
Protective front door and easily access the TV
Thin light weight and easy to install, nice appearance.
Safety security lock system
Weatherproof housing manufactured with outdoor anti_UV paint protect the TV or display against impact
Two air flow vents that prevent heat changes and audio out
Universal design that works with any standard VESA mount
The TV box is a unique and patent pending design



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Please make sure compare the enclosure dimention with your TV/Projector before your order it.

Product Name Max TV / Projector Dimension (must be less below size)
43" TV Enclosure 39.2" x 23.4" x 3.3" Or (99.5 x 59.5 x 8.4 cm)
55" TV Enclosure 49.2" x 29.9" x 3.3" Or (125 x 76 x 8.4 cm)
65" TV Enclosure 59" x 35.4" x 3.3" Or (150 x 90 x 8.4 cm)
75" TV Enclosure 67.7" x 39.2" x 3.3" Or (172 x 99.5 x 8.4 cm)
Small Projector Box Width 17.1", Depth 15.7", Height 6.1" Or (43.5x40x15.5 cm)
Medium Projector Box Width 18.3", Depth 21.9", Height 6.9" Or (46.5x55.5x17.5 cm)
Large Projector Box Width 23.6", Depth 24.4", Height 8.66" Or (60x62x22 cm)