Are you ready for celebrating the Halloween day with your family at backyard? The family backyard which is the place to relax, witness a child growing up and entertain friends. We may say so it is often a hub of the home. Wheather you are watching the favorite games/movies, or the children are frolicing with the puppy in the backyard.
This time we may face a probelm :our TV and outdoors do not combinate well.

You could have a kind of idea to buy the all-in-one outdoor TV which is quite expensive (in the thousands). Or to make a DIY TV enclosure for outdoor use, but there will be some important points need to be taken into account: weatherproof, rain, water, humidity, dust/dirt,heat/cold, security, cost and so on. What's more it takes the time and is very costly.

Let's choose the best outdoor TV enclosure for your LED TV
* The DeerTV outdoor TV enclosure size is available from 32" to 65".
* Waterproof housing with the ExactSeal sealing system is sealed to defend TV against moisture intrusion and water damage.
* Thermostatically / automatic temperature controlled air flow system protects your TV in temperatures from -20~50 degree.
* Protective front door and easily access the TV.
* Thine lightweight and easy to install, nice appearance.
* Dual key lock system and strength metal.
* Weatheproof housing manufactured with outdoor anti_UV paint protect the TV or display against impact.
* Two air flower vents that prevent heat changes and audio out.
* Universal design that works with any standard VESA mount.
* The TV box is a unique and patent pending design.

So, DeerTV outdoor tv enclosure will be your unworried and cheap solution.

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