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Why need the Outdoor TV Enclosure for your home TV?

The DeerTV enclosure designed and developed for outside areas, used for most kinds of TVs. The indoor TV like Plasma, HD screens and LCD screens or display, it's ideal for residential and industrial. You can easily put the TV into the
enclosure, effortlessly access to the show at once.

If you have a backyard with a common home TV, then the outdoor TV enclosures can be really helpful to ensure the safety of your TV. If you have a garden, or a outdoor bar, again you need to make full use of these enclosures. well, the outdoor TV enclosure is with security locks so that you do not need to worry about that the TV will be stolen. It stays at your backyard safely.

outdoor tv enclosure

If you want to put a TV in the outdoor pools, the Outdoor TV Enclosures are best suited to protect the TV. As the enclosure is waterproof, it is rated at IP 55 (ip65 is available) which provides complete protection for TV from all water / rain directions, no need to not worry about the water will damage the TVs. You can spare the water getting splattered on the TV. This is accomplished by tightly sealing systems and connections in the design, orienting and protecting ventilation. The system protects from corrosion due to rain, humidity, condensation,dew, and the moisture from inside & outside but it is also allow the airflow for cooling and sound out.

So the critical advantage is that you can rescue your TV from the weather condition and the theft. You can keep the TV perform as long as the manufacturers promised. And then, you do not need to keep spending money on the new TVs which is actually costly.With a outdoor TV enclosure, you can stay away from the above worries when you have taken advantage of the outdoor TV enclosure.

DeerTV is always be prepared for customer's needs, produces high quality products and shows good service. If you want the best, please speak to Deer tv for discussing your TV enclosure requirements.

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