Why a DeerTV projector enclosure?

DeerTV manufactures a range of enclosures, including outdoor projector enclosure, outdoor TV enclosure which is very popular on the market worldwide. Projector is suitable to many applications and places, such as the conference rooms, restaurants,classrooms, the bars or small areas and public squares for large activities, watched by thousands of people. The images displayed are very clear and large by projector,and no picture distortion. In a word, the projector could be located in anywhere(outdoors or indoors) most of time without hardware protection.

Security is one of the critical points. How would you feel when your costly projector is placed to outside without monitor or timely care about? We believe this is not a good feeling if you worry about that the projector could be stolen. It is not only waste money, but also time. So the best way to make you rest assure is to buy an enclosure from DeerTV to protect it. The enclosure is with security lock, tamper-proof and unbreakable.

It also has the universal mount system which supports Top/Bottom mount. Meanwhile, it is weatherproof suit in all types of weather and conditions, extreme weather, extreme heat, cold, rain, snow or hail. Beacause it comes as customary with a classy heated and cooling system with the smart temperature control systems to avoid heat and cool problems.

This is a simple solution as you can make an outdoor weatherproof projector enclosure which will accommodate your projector screen, you do not need to open the doors when you want to watch it. You prime concern in any projector case should be safety, not only of your projector, but of the family.

DeerTV is always be prepared for customers' needs, produces high quality products and shows good service. If you want the best, please speak to DeerTV for discussing your projector enclosure requirements.

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