What will happen if the projector is not protected?

You have invested thousands into your projector for outdoor or indoor using if it is not protected from the weather, theft, cooling and heating and other unexpected things. That's to say, the initial investment is incogitant, even a lost.

Weatherproof-- If it is not protected from the weather, such as the raining day, the water will get into the hardware and cause an electrical short circuit, or result in stopping work. Meanwhile, if the projector is under direct to
sunshine, it will over heat and shut down at once.

Theft-- DeerTV projector enclosures have theft protection by security locks.

Heating and cooling-- DeerTV projector housings have thermostatically cooling system, it will not work if the temperature is less than 28C. Just protect your projector in winter, heavy rain( these days temperature is very low).

DeerTV is always be prepared for customer's needs, produces high quality products and shows good service. If you want the best, please speak to Deertv for discussing your projector enclosure requirements.

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