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Outdoor tv enclosure is a new era of outdoor media Machine, media facilitate human life. For human travel, outdoor activities, substantial and convenient protection of human behavior. Due to advanced technology, rapid development in technology today, the outdoor information becomes paste into an indispensable part of public life, Outdoor tv enclosure has been in people’s lives. However, the fragmentation of information and more, the human factor is not controllable, information dissemination cross is not in place, let us see the Outdoor tv enclosure content, seems to have been a decoration. More and more information is of no value in outdoor ads, nor the contents inside a little convenience. This allows outdoor audience confused. Only the use of the outdoor display apparatus, that
is, those useless ads play-talk. Although it is used for Outdoor tv enclosure outdoor media, seem to forget that an important concept. Like the master said, “one thing if you exceed your value of specified, then this thing itself is trash.” Life itself is used to bring people convenience, but convenience is Media Vest advertising environmental pollution. Therefore, the value of the outdoors, there is no effect. Outdoor tv enclosure media and government business sector, should be good for the content of Outdoor tv enclosure machine for verification. Undo Outdoor tv enclosure out false information, does give the audience a convenient, allowing Outdoor tv enclosure equipment a good development.

outdoor tv enclosure

Nowadays, outdoor newspaper kiosks have become increasingly popular in the domestic market. Thus, it is important that we know the correct ways to maintain their LCD screens to keep their excellent performance.

1. Clean the screen properly

Correct ways should be adapted to clean the dirt on the LCD screen surface of an outdoor digital newspaper kiosk. Apply small amount of liquid specially designed for flat screen monitors on soft cloths (absorbent cotton or lens paper can also do) and gently wipe the screen. Do not use chemicals like ethyl alcohol as they can do harm to the screen. Moreover, rough cloth and tissue should also be avoided as screens can easily be scratched.

2. Avoid prolonged use of the kiosk

Outdoor digital newspaper kiosks consume a lot of power and long-time-operation can burn the pixels in the screen, causing permanent damage. Operation under full load for more than 96 hours can accelerate the aging of liquid crystal pixels inside the kiosk screen and even burn them out. Thus, when long-time-operation is needed, it is suggested that:

1.Let the screen take a short rest once in a while;

2.Alter the images shown on the screen with various intervals as the brightness will be turned down while it is in “Hold” Mode;

3. Run the screen saver for a while.

These simple methods not only help postponing the aging speed of a screen, but also avoid hardware damages.

Last but not the least, we strongly advice you to contact the manufacturer for assistance when anything goes wrong with the LCD screen. In no circumstances should users try to assemble the screen by themselves since the users’

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