The peak of outside tv projector enclosure screen will be more than three times greater than the indoor ones, heat will increase One or two times accordingly, which requires temperature control system to dissipate heat.
Ambient temperatures vary in various regions, generally up to 45 degrees. As a result heat dissipation is required to make sure the tv projector enclosure operation, meanwhile on the planet condition, it suffers the radiation from the sun,so heat dissipation is required. And in cold weather,heating is also needed to result in the machine run well.The heat of outdoor tv projector enclosure comes from: we adopt environmental surroundings actual measurement and simulation analysis methods:

Coupled with existing large sizes, our organization develops different shaped precision air conditioners independently, and ensures the quality of AC used within the tv projector enclosure display by some European and American instruments.
outdoot tv projector enclosure sun readable tv projector enclosureEditor: wangxunAuthor: outdoor tv projector enclosure. Outdoor tv projector enclosure screen requires IP65 waterproof enclosure to protect the tv projector enclosure from injure while working under harsh environments. Outdoor tv projector enclosure could be injured by outside force:We shall exert special armored secure glass according with Internationally accepted satety standards.

Environment erosion ,Our structural materials are required to pass 800 hours strong salt and mist test.Outdoor cabinets need to be waterproof, dustproof.Our outdoor tv projector enclosure cabinet protection grade reaches IP65, and each machine will be tested for standard spray.Decades of experiences of temperature control design and its application, using precision air conditioning technology, combined with CFD radiating simulation technology, ensure operating under neither hot or cold weather.
Many outdoor intelligent temperature control solutions offered, for example industrial air conditioner, heat exchanger, fans etc.

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