TV is one of the indispensable household appliances in every family. Each family has at least two home TVs nowadays.You can locate them in room, in the yard, in the lobby, in the kitchen, in swimming pool and any other places you like. We stay at home together with family watching TV to well understand the outside colorful world from domestic social information and knowleage to international dynamics, to enrich our entertainments, bring joys to us. With these advantages, we are willing to spend more money on the TVs.In that case, we also want to well protect them. Dust and humidity is the first thing to consider. As dust and humidity will cause fire accident, the dust accumulated on the inner circuit board ,then absorb moisture in the moist air and become a conductor, lead to short-circuit and fire accident. DeerTV outdoor TV enclosure indoor/outdoor using can help you avoid this kind of things.

DeerTV TV enclosure is all weatherproof with security keylock, metal housing, toughed glass or arylic, easy installation, nice appearance.It has top and bottom mount.You do not need to worry about the dust and humidity.You will find that it is worthy for protecting your home TV.

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