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Weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosure for outside !

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Professional weatherproof Projector & TV Box !

Waterproof outside

Easy installation

Safety and strong

Cheap and low price

Weather Protect System

To ensure the projector or TV does not damage from spraying  rain, water, and humidity, heat/cold, dust and dirt entering the enclosure. The system is sealed and designed to keep waterproof.

Waterproof Speaker Out

The enclosure with the speaker out hole, the system keeps the TV / projector cooling automatic when necessary,but also will not stop the sound output, don’t worry about dropping the waterproof on the speaker or sound is not big enough.

Multi Function

Steel housing, key locks system,automatic cooling system,optional anti-glare and touch screen, with the strong support on technology, in addition to hold its businesses of worldwide market.

Outside TV enclosure manufacturer

DeerTV enclosure is the international brand , this cabinet is designed for thin outdoor LED TV,  why must be thin?  First, it is beautiful. Second, save the shipment costs. Third, most of popular LED TV are very thin.

  • Widely applicable – suit for 98% popular LED TV, size from 38”- 75”
  • Thin, sleek design –TV thickness must be less than 7cm, light weight and nice apperance.
  • Waterproof Technology – Protect the TV against rain, dust and insects
  • Automatic cooling- temperature Controlled air cooling system
  • Waterproof Sound Ports – Transfers speaker audio effectively to outside.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial application,easy Installation, universal mounts for TV and there is a lot space for customer installing the media players, or other equipments.
  • Optional functions – Touch screen, heater, weatherproof mount, stainless steel, different color.

Weatherproof outdoor projector enclosure

DeerTV projector enclosure are designed to be installed outside. If you want to keep the indoor projector looking great longer in outside, it is best solution to cover it when it’s not in use or choose the projector enclosure. To extend the enjoyment of watching the big screen movie to outside. Never miss the big play again because you were outside getting a burger and the projector inside, choose the weatherproof projector box and enjoy a romantic comedy projector movie in outside, families can now enjoy playing the latest movie in the fresh air.

Projector Enclosure Features

  • Waterproof sealed,  – And with Filters to easy replace
  • Strong and  Anti-UV  projector Box on the Market
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Impact Resistant and Safety Glass
  • Ultra-Quiet Ventilation System
  • Waterproof Speaker out holes.

The indoor projector has no protection from the waterproof and outside environments. To voidsthe manufacturer warranty and worry of wondering when that projector will be break from the rain. The best solution is get a weatherproof projector box that’s made for the outside applications. With the weatherproof protection system, you can watch projector movie in freezing cold weather -20C and up to 60 degree.